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[Disclaimer: this is an early prototype of the game. This game can only be played with a 360 Xbox controller, you can use this link to make your controller work like a 360 one in case you don't own one: https://github.com/x360ce/x360ce#readme]

Dimensional Prison Break is a fun local multiplayer game up to 4 players where you and your friends will have to compete against each other in order to escape the first from that prison! Choose one of the villains locked in the facility and its abilities and get ready to run and survive.

This is an early prototype. At the moment, there are four villains (the number of those will be increased in the future):

  • Krapo
  • Gert
  • Mc. Kleent
  • Ld. Nomid

And every one of them has the same 4 abilities that will be useful for making the run difficult to the other players (the number of these will be increased in the future). You can only choose two of them:

  • Dash - It launches you forward evading any attack.
  • Shield - It blocks a projectile, but you gotta time it good!
  • Slowing shot - The carachter that the bullet hits will be slowed for a tiny period of time.
  • Repulsor bomb - It will push away the enemies within its area.

Grab your friends and try to be the meanest fastest villain alive!

Full release will include:

  • More villains with different abilities.
  • That said, more abilities to choose!
  • The levels will be randomized.
  • New traps, enemies and random events.
  • Everything will have more animations.
  • More polish and bug fixing. Also code reviews fixing some issues.
  • Multiplayer ?¿?¿?¿?¿?
  • More action and more blood.
  • Lightning effects.
  • More sounds and music.

Stay tuned! Follow us on Twitter ! :^)

Thanks for your attention! ^__^

Tagsabilities, Arcade, corridor, dimensional, escape, Pixel Art, prison
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsXbox controller
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 4


Dimensional Prision Break.zip 45 MB


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Hi. Any chance of the source code for the prototype being released? I would love to learn from this. Willing to pay as I've found no other beat'em up examples online.


Hi! Send us an e-mail to nyacugames@gmail.com saying exactly what you need and we will try to provide it to you. :^)